GTA V players spent years uncovering removed content from the game including jetpacks and other secrets


Since its groundbreaking release back in 2013, Grand Theft Auto V has gone from strength to strength; update to update; onwards and upwards, if you will. Never failing to manage expectations, never ceasing to amaze, the timeless masterpiece that is GTA V just gets better and better, with no signs of stopping soon.

And with no signs of it stopping soon, there’s no harm in trying to get a peek at what’s over the horizon. That’s where gtaforums comes in – or specifically, “The GTAV beta hunt”  thread. Since January 26, 2014, these ‘beta hunters,’ the bravest of the brave, and the most fucking patient people you’ll ever hear of, have been searching tirelessly for cut content, hidden files, and so on within the treacherous depths of GTA V’s files and scripts.

They’re quite the perceptive bunch, as you can see – the following image reads “And this cut pisses me the most off than any vehicle cut: the skimmer at the top. Damn would have made water exploration more fun and quick. Better return as DLC.” Guess they got their wish, then.


And that’s just one tiny, tiny little thing they’ve noticed. The full list is massive, and full of terrors. Or at least, full of stuff. Awesome stuff, like “Up’n’Atom Drive-Thrus,” huskies, horses, an assault sniper-rifle, and a clown-themed heist. These beta hunters aren’t clowning around…

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On the initial post, gtaforums user stjimmy3 breaks it down for us. He said:

Ok, follow me for a second: everybody knows finger-less gloves were cut in GTA IV, but did you know what else was cut? MP5s, MP3 players, Silencers, revolvers, pool cues, a minigun, Dashounds, a 3rd runway at FIA, A large piece of grass land in north-west Alderney, and a possible fighter jet. But the interesting thing is that some of the motorcycles such as the Zombie and Hexer that were cut from IV were instead reintroduced in TLAD.


He goes on to talk about what he thinks this means about Grand Theft Auto V.

My point is that’s a lot of cut content, every GTA has cut lots, and GTA V is no different. This topic is dedicated to finding everything- every little detail, every vehicle re-design, mission difference, and every  little cut, addition and relocation. I want to find out, what was changed.

And shortly after:

Hopefully we can try to guess what will be added in DLC similar to the choppers TLAD revived from IV’s cutting board. My first prediction: The Hunter Heli, and the off-road ATV.

He was right, of course. Like I said, the list is massive, and tonnes of so-called “cut content” has already made its way to the game, through the various updates we’ve been receiving.


Alongside what we’ve already discussed, there’s a bunch of stuff that was supposedly being added to GTA Online, too. Perhaps the most interesting of the lot were references and scripts associated with arresting other players within the online element of the game. You’d need to be a police officer to do so – and upon entering online mode, you’d supposedly get to decide whether you wanted a life of crime, or fighting against it.

Specifically, you’d be choosing your faction. Beta hunters have uncovered that GTA Online initially had a faction system, and depending on your faction, you could get access to specific areas. One hunter, Kajjy, said the following regarding factions online, whilst looking through unused interior spaces:

Interior 70 is a very interesting one. It’s basically empty besides the collision (which gives lots away) of a ‘bikerbar’. It isn’t very large. My theory on it is that when Online was focused on the factions sort of thing (and the Lost was one of them I believe), this interior was the home place for you if you joined that faction, and the Sheriff office and large, under used LS police station where the base for the Police. This would mean that the hub for the other gang (I cannot remember which one that was) was either never made or was entirely removed.

Perhaps we’ll see factions in a future update.


And finally, what of the elusive jetpack? Well, hunters did come across jetpack references in the games files, however it was removed shortly after being discovered. That could mean absolutely anything.

Furthermore, there’s a jetpack of sorts seen on the Mt. Chiliad Mural, so players are holding onto that in the hopes that it could solve the jetpack mystery once and for all. Perhaps it was removed to convey some sort of message, or to prepare for doing so – Rockstar Games have done it before, after all.

The gtaforums community is fantastic, and their work deserves all the appreciation it can get. They’ve made countless predictions and speculations, and continue to do so even today, almost three years after GTA V’s release. If you’d like to view the full list, courtesy of stjimmy3, head over to the official post and take a look.


And there’s plenty more to be seen by simply scrolling through the many, many pages of the gtaforums beta hunters. It might take a while to see everything though – the thread has amassed over five-thousand posts so far, and continues to grow.