This GTA V Flying House Is Worth $1.5 Billion Dollars

Got a Billy and half burning a hole in your pocket? 

Don’t fret, just cop yourself a 1.5 billion dollar flying house in GTA V and soar in luxury.

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It comes with everything you need, from a hole in the side where there’s a guy randomly sitting on the can, to a tiny little pilot and co-pilot, to a giant glass window at the front that makes it a bit harder to fall out.

But things still get a little dicey when the plane turns…



Your life is incomplete until you’ve soared through the skies in a giant half-airplane that’s been converted into a house. How do you even sleep at night in your garbage-human bed that’s grounded safely on the planet Earth, knowing there’s someone else out there living it up in the clouds? Must be tough.

You never have to worry about noisy neighbors because your neighbor is a jet engine.

Are you sold on it yet? Check between your couch cushions for some extra cash and go for the luxury trim, it has two random people on the toilet.



One more thing. Once you get tired of it, you can blow it up with an RPG like Youtuber Kwebbelkop, who took the flying home for a spin thanks to some crafty modding.