GTA V: Here’s how to “ACTUALLY” stop the train after 2016’s patch

One of the biggest impossible tasks in Grand Theft Auto V is stopping the train. People have tried everything possible in hopes of stopping this massive force, but failed miserably.

Some had found some methods to stop the train but Rockstar released a patch earlier this year which fixed the loopholes and the train regained its position as being unstoppable in the game.

gta v hidden

However, one Youtuber has finally figured out a method to stop the train, even after the recent patch. He’s also shown various clips proving that he wasn’t using a older version of the game, prior to the release of the patch.

The youtuber uses a rather simple yet effective method to bring the train to a halt.

We won’t spoil the method for you here but you can check out the video below to find out yourself.


We must say it’s quite an ingenious method and hopefully Rockstar won’t release another patch that will make it redundant. Check it out.