GTA V Hulk Mod

Here is a full gameplay demo of the Hulk Mod for GTA V:

mpc-hc64 2015-10-21 07-54-11-79 (1)

mpc-hc64 2015-10-21 07-56-09-13

Here is the download link
(Download at your own risk)

Ctrl+N – Show mods menu
Jump – Big jump, hold to increase height
E – Lift/grab entities
T – Thunder clap, hold up to 3 seconds to cause more havoc
Left mouse button – Melee attacks/Throw Lifted/grabbed entity/Fall faster causing more damage

You can change the hotkey in the self-generated .ini file
Use the menu to become HULK or spawn a enemy, you can set a hotkey in the self generated .ini file in scripts folder after first launch.
By default the skin is the BabyD character, you can change in the mod menu/.ini file, no text = Player char.

X – Jump
Left trigger – Grab
Right bumper – Thunder clap
Right trigger/B – Attack
Left ThumbStick – Move player
Right ThumbStick – Point camera

-You can derail trains if you collided in front with them or if you use Jump + Attack close to them
-You can perform big jumps to cause big impact when falling back to ground causing destruction
-You can lift entities like: Vehicles, dumpsters, chemical bathroom, “big yellow ball” and other big objects (didn’t added all objects yet)
-You can grab and throw peds
-You can grab a lamp pole (almost all i hope) and use as baseball bat (melee attack hotkey)
-With a “baseball bat” (lamp pole) you can hold melee attack hotkey while in mid air to perform a nice smashing attack against ground
-You can spawn a Enemy that will start messing around on the city until you get close to him, then things become personal, then you are f%*ked
-Insurgents, Buzzards, Valkyries and even Tanks will come after you (when HULK) and after enemy Hulk
-You can spawn how much HULK enemies you want, but i don’t recommend more than one, big performance drop.
-HULK will automatically try to pull away things that are in the way when he is running, so, to lift/grab hold E to avoid pull away what you want lift/grab
-In melee attack HULK will jump to target if target is away
-HULK enemy its the BETA feature of this mod, sometimes it “bug”, sometimes it dies easy

ASI Loader + ScripthookV by Alexander blade
ScriptHookVDotNet by Crosire
Mod goes with a BabyD retexture mod by