GTA V looks better than real life with these graphic mods

Looking for a good combination of mods for GTA V to take the graphics to the next level? Take a look outside your window right now, how good does the real world really look? Not that impressive, right? How many frames per second does the real world even get? These mods will help you leave the real world behind and ascend to graphic godliness.

There’s not a huge list here, just two that can make a big difference on their own. Of course, you can dig around and find some more mods that’ll incorporate all sorts of graphic tweaks, and a lot of it comes down to personal preference. These two are highly recommended to get you started down the right path…

Make Visuals Great Again



This mod increases the ambiance of all the lighting in the game and makes things like rain, sun, weather, and the time cycle itself feel more realistic.

It has been downloaded over 15,000 times in just a few short months, and clocks in at a measly 150mb. It’s really a no-brainier to check it out, which you can do right here.

The next patch uses Google Street to make GTA V feel more like real life…

L.A. Roads



The L.A. Roads Patch, available here, has been downloaded over 20,000 times. It replaces a bunch of the game’s textures with new ones that are based on those from Google Earth/Street. It’s based off of elements from the real-world version of L.A, with a lot of interesting little details.

Between these two mods, they pack the 1-2 punch to really take things to the next level. Be careful to turn them off when you’re playing online, you never know what might get you accidentally banned.