GTA V Mod Adds 4K Textures, Game Looks Stunning

Rejoice! Some gaming news that isn’t Fallout related! Enjoy it while it lasts.

PC gamers may be familiar with the name Martin Bergman, if not, he was working on a GTA V mod that made the game look hyper-realistic.

With only a few screenshots to tease, no official mod was released and it seems he’s diverted his attention to the ‘toddyhancer’, a similar mod for Battlefront. But for those waiting in anticipation of a GTA mod, you’re in luck.

dsAnother modder by the name of Josh Romito has jumped in and created his own, but this one has already been released.

The mod, rightly named The Pinnacle of V, adds some finely tuned tweaks to the game such as new weather, new lighting and other additions to the game.

The game has been re-skinned with some stunning textures, all in 4K resolution. This may be the mod to make you fall in love with GTA V all over again, take a look at the screenshots below and see for yourself.

It’s great to see how the modding community can keep bringing fresh content to a game even after years of it being released for a system. Marvel at the screenshots below –

Isn’ this Gorgeous?

GTA mod 1

Look at those textures!

GTA mod 3

Yea, this is indeed a screenshot from the game

GTA mod 6

Photo-realism says Hi

GTA mod 2

What do you think about The Pinnacle of V? With the modding community getting more attention from developers such as Rockstar and Bethesda we can expect to see more of this in the future.

You can view the entire gallery of images and download the mod here.