GTA V player discovers haunted house no one knew was in the game

Grand Theft Auto V released way back in 2013 but the game continues to keep amazing us even so many years after release.

What’s even better is that Rockstar Games has created an open world game with so much to do and discover that people are still finding new things to date.

A youtuber has apparently found a new secret in the single player campaign of the game, and it’s all kinds of spooky.

He went to a house at night at exactly 3am his local time and it turned out to be haunted and the secret he found would scare the hell out of the even the most hardened gamer.

gta secret

What he uncovers seems to suggest that the house is haunted by the ghost of a baby who might have died prematurely due to an accident or disease, and as a result of the event, the family living in the house must have abandoned it.

Little do they know, their child’s ghost is still in the house and suffering in agony. We wouldn’t want to come across this spirit at all.

Check out the video below and make sure your lights are turned on.

As soon as he goes into the abandoned house, he can hear a baby crying but although he inspected the area completely, there was no one to be found, just the voice of the child crying.