GTA V player finds chopped body parts inside trailer house garage

Grand Theft Auto V released a few years ago but the game still manages to surprise players. Not only is Rockstar rolling out updates upon updates for its standalone online version GTA Online, but even the single player has new secrets to offer to those curious enough.

One guy is on a one-man mission since a while about discovering new GTA V easter eggs and secrets and he’s a Youtuber calling himself It’sTinyGamer.


This time his quest for finding new GTA V secret led him to a trailer house garage that took quite a bit of effort to unlock.

However, he would’ve thought it was best to left it locked since what awaited him inside was horrifying.

The video below shows that he found a dead body of a person chopped up into small pieces. It’s a truly horrific sight to behold and definitely not for the weak of heart.

gta noice

One wonder who was the person who could murder another guy in such a inhuman manner but then again it’s GTA and we’ve all been guilty of running over innocent pedestrians ourselves.

Check out the video below –