Harambe’s Revenge? Internet goes crazy after satellite image of Hurricane Matthew resembles Harambe

An image shared by Jack Osbourne has really got the internet into a frenzy of sorts. The image is from a satellite showing Hurricane Matthew and it looks eerily similar to Harambe, the slain Cincinnati Zoo Gorrila who was fatally shot after a child fell into his enclosure.


Fans have gone crazy after the comparison was made claiming it was a terrible omen for bad things to come and that Harambe is seeking revenge via the storm for the great injustice done to him.

The image went viral after The Weather Channel senior meteorologist Stu Ostro pointed out the uncanny resemblance of the satellite image to Harambe. A meme was also made:


The caption read “He has returned” and had Reddit and Twitter go crazy with many people claiming the Ape has returned seeking revenge with some even captioning it “Harambe’s revenge”.

Hurricane Matthew has already claimed more than 500 victims in the Caribbean islands with Haiti being the most affected. It has also made landfall in America claiming as many as 15 lives so far.


Controversial Gorrila Costume for Halloween based on Harambe

Whether Harambe’s returned to seek revenge or not is up for debate but one thing’s for sure, it’s leaving places flattened and homes ruined in its aftermath and maybe even Harambe wouldn’t seek such a terrible faith on people although many consider his death to be grossly unjust.