These Heartwarming Holiday Gaming Moments will Restore your Faith in Humanity

Over the holidays many gamers received gaming related gifts and captured magical moments that restored our faith in humanity. Here is a brief selection of some of our favorites.

My girlfriends ex boyfriend stole her PS4 so I got her a new one via cinnamonbaconbits

Nostalgic Xmas present from the wife. (I’m 5’10 for scale)via xRidiculeX

Got my 51 year old dad the new ratchet and clank for Christmas. He hasn’t moved in hours. via super_slide

Thought you guys would appreciate the look on my nephews face. We all remember the elation of our first gaming system via boldequity

Built my 7 year old sister a gaming PC for Christmas!!! via risingmiles

My son’s 1st build. We spent hours getting it up and running, (family things were also happening). This morning I wake up and he gifted me Fallout 4 to say thank you. PCMR didn’t like this post. via thedudesews