Here Are 10 Games That Contained Gratuitous Nudity Which Shocked The World

It’s been a long time since video games first came about and the target audiences vary. Most AAA releases (especially single player, story orientated games) could second as a feature film with stunning graphics and a story that entices you from the start.

With developers trying to make their games hyper-real, or just plain absurd, sometimes nudity is the way forward. Here’s 10 video games that include copious amount of it.


bmx xxx2

Released in 2002, BMX XXX is a sports title that primarily focuses on pulling tricks and stunts, while earning most of its notoriety for its nudity.

It’s probably not a surprise to you, but this game was banned in Australia. The game itself is a poorly built, half baked THPS replica with bikes replacing boards. The movement was clunky, the tricks were limited and it was overall badly received by critics. The game itself did generate a rather large cult following however, but I think that’s something to do with the ability to play as a female with your melons swinging in the wind.

Not only did the game allow players to build nude characters, but at certain intervals, the game will cut to a live video of strippers, which also contain some nude content. Probably something you should play when your parents aren’t at home.

Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball


You know something is going to blow your mind when ‘Xtreme’ is in the title.

And blow our minds this game did, I just can’t decide if that was in a good way or not. So DOA is a fighting game, and a pretty good one at that, I’m not entirely sure why Team Kunoichi decided to divert their attention to a beach volleyball spin off, but whatever.

DOAX is quite possibly one of the most obnoxious ‘I’m a pervert’ games out there, with no real nudity, just a hell of a lot of skimpy bikinis, questionable breast/body size ratio and some unintentionally (I think) hilarious ‘jiggle’ physics.

Not to mention the fact players can view the characters in suggestive poses and zoom in and out where they please. Probably a game you might want to avoid in your achievement list.

God of War

god of war 2

QTE events don’t go down well with us gamers, especially when it comes to fighting bosses, especially if the whole game has built up to a final fight, just for you to win by spamming A. But what about a QTE for sexual intercourse?

So I’ve never experienced this for myself, I’ve never even touched a GoW game (please go easy on me) but I’ve seen a video of the orgy, just out of sheer disbelief. When I first heard of a quick time event that got Kratos lucky, I had to see it for myself, which was a nice addition to my recent searches on YouTube.

What I want to know though, what happens if you press the wrong button? Does Kratos just lose his mojo or do we get the age old ‘sorry, it just slipped in there, I didn’t mean it, honest’?

Saints Row: The Third

saints row

Saints Row isn’t new to all things obscene, hell, the game features a huge dildo you can beat people down with and a fetish club where you get jumped and tied down in the basement. I have nightmares about that place and the sticky floors.

There’s no real nudity in the game, which is surprising, I expected that in a SR game. All nudity is censored with a Sims like blur bar, but it still makes for some hilarious moments. If desired, players can strip off and streak, gaining points for causing disturbances. Who doesn’t want to do that?


gta strip club

Here’s a funny story for you. When GTA V was first released, my brother bought it for his 360. He loaded his game up and invited his friends to a party and arranged to play together. While he took a brief bathroom break, I decided it was a good idea to test the strip clubs out for him. I left the game on while receiving a full frontal lap dance. However, this showed up on his profile “XXXXX is in the strip club”. One of his friends took a picture and for a week he was known as a perv.

It’s not just the women however, one particular part of the story will have you playing as Trevor and discussing penis size (always a great conversation) where Trevor will drop his pants and reveal his member. If you missed that, you can always go to the Altruist camp, where you’ll see dick and man ass for days. Whatever floats your boat.

Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy)


When a game has a director, you should be expecting great things. Fahrenheit (known as indigo prophecy in North America) delivered with interactive game play, which made up for the fact the story kind of went off the rails through the game.

There is however a sex scene in the game, which would’t be all bad, but the graphics aren’t that great. It’s a little unneeded to include a sex scene when your characters look like cardboard cut outs rubbing against each other. Sorry David Cage, you don’t win any points¬†for doing this.

Playboy: The Mansion

playboy the mansion

Who doesn’t want to play as Hugh Hefner? Probably everyone, that’s who.

Before I start, did anyone actually ask for this game? It seems like something your dad would keep in his sock drawer and play when everyone is in bed, just for you to stumble upon him playing it while you’re getting a glass of water at midnight.

The aim of the game is to build the Playboy mansion from scratch, starting with just a magazine and working your way up. To earn money, players must take part in a cover shoot for the monthly magazine, just what gamers wanted from the start really. 10/10 GOTY.

Mass Effect 3

mass effect sex scene

So I mentioned before that I’ve never played a God of War game, well the same applies for Mass Effect, I’m just not that into sci-fi. I don’t like Star Wars either, and with that, I’m going into hiding, changing my name and getting plastic surgery.

I do however, know of (and seen) all of the sexual relationships you can have with NPC’s. It’s probably one of the biggest talking points of the game (well it’s not the damn ending anyway) as it was one of the first games to incorporate sexual relationships for both genders and even with alien races. Not so much nudity as semi-awkward sex scenes, but it’s still worthy of the list.

Leisure Suit Larry

leisure suit larry

Can’t find a game that shows how much of a dirty old man you are? Well you have now.

You play as Larry, a 40 something geezer trying to get some, usually to no avail. The first game in the series didn’t contain as much explicit content as expected, but the later installments made up for it. I mean, what do you expect from a game with a spin off called ‘Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude”? Really?

The Witcher Series

the witcher 3 sex scene

Are you even surprised that The Witcher made this list? It’s not as if boobs were thrown in our faces at every possible time. What it is?

You follow Geralt, in the simplest terms, he’s a hired sword that specializes in killing monsters. That’s great, what could make for a better game? How about a butt load (pun intended) of nudity? Yennefer? You see everything. Triss? Of course. Keira? You see her nude within the first five minutes of meeting her. Then of course there’s the prostitutes scattered around the world, all the women in the sauna and that one old woman who went topless with Ciri in The Witcher 3. Well, I guess you have to balance it out at some point, right?

This was our list of 10 games that include generous nudity. What are your thoughts? Did we miss one you think should be included?