Here are the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Go


Strong Pokemon are very helpful if you wish to keep hold of a Pokemon gym for a long period of time. The real issue here is finding out which Pokemon are the strongest in Pokemon Go as we are still learning the mechanics of the game.

However, someone has already been able to figure out a definitive answer to this question by having a look at the game’s coding.

A Redditor known by the username __isitin__ has been able to figure out the calculation process of CP and HP in Pokemon Go. He also found out that every species of Pokemon has different Stamina, Attack and Defense stats. There are also levels ranging from 1 to 40 for every individual Pokemon which can be leveled up with the help of Stardust and Candy.


The strongest Pokemon till this point is Mewtwo, which has a maximum CP of 4,144. However, Mewtwo is not available in Pokemon Go yet. Dragonite comes second in this list with a maximum CP of 3,500 and is a Pokemon which can be found in the wild,.

The next Pokemon in line in terms of strength are Mew, Moltres and Zapdos, but none of them can be caught in the game at this point. Snorlax is the second strong catch-able Pokemon with a CP of 3,112 followed by Lapras, Exeggutor and Vaporeon.



Charizard is the strongest among the starter Pokemon with a maximum CP of 2,602 followed by Venusaur and Blastoise with max CPs of 2,580 and 2,542 respectively. On the other hand, the weakest Pokemon is Magikarp with a max CP of a meager 262.