Here’s How You Can Make GameStop Pay $200 for Your PS4 or Xbox One


Not happy with your PS4 or Xbox One and been looking for a chance to switch sides? Now’s the perfect opportunity as you can make Gamestop pay you $200 for your console when you trade it in for a new one.

The retail giant has announced a new trade-in offer that allows you to get $200 for either your PS4 or Xbox One. This only applies if you’re purchasing a new Xbox One or PS4 as it gets added as credit towards the purchase.

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In order you get the full $200, you must ensure that your system is in working order and has all its stock accessories in working condition. The retailer will also accept consoles missing some accessories or defective or damaged ones albeit at a lower trade-in price.

The offer only applies if you’re resident of U.S or Guam and runs through till April 24. The base version of Xbox One ships from as little as $300 now which means you only need to pay $100 to avail this offer. The PS4 starts at $350 and you’ll only need to pay $150 if you apply this offer.



That’s not all, Gamestop will also give $100 to anyone willing to trade-in their Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 consoles for purchasing a new Xbox One. The only catch? It needs to be the latest version.

Below is the legal mumbo-jumbo for both offers –