Here’s Why Fans Are Hating How Cyborg Looks After Watching Justice League’s Trailer

Hardcore fans of Justice League are very upset with DC for their portrayal of fan favorite Cyborg. The new trailer has done nothing but upset the fans.

DC recently released the official trailer for Justice League, and DC fans aren’t happy. Everyone is upset with DC’s new version of Cyborg, and not for the reason you might expect.

After the outrage at the Batman casting choice (Ben Affleck), you might expect the fans to be angry at DC’s choice of actor for¬†Cyborg, but you would be wrong. Instead, the problem is the shoddy CGI used to create the character.

The actor is a perfect cast for the role- his voice and portrayal of the character are fantastic and fit Cyborg well. However, the animation of the cybernetic enhancements to his body is absolutely terrible – it looks straight out of a movie from 10 years ago.

Credit: DC

Although DC fans are upset about how Cyborg looks, the rest of the trailer was excellent, especially the parts featuring Jason Momoa as Aquaman. Hopefully this upcoming movie won’t be a disappointment like the past few DC films.

All of the pieces are in place- great characters, great actors, and a gritty aesthetic. All that remains is to see whether the script will do the rest of the film any justice.