Here’s How To Get To Mexico In Red Dead Redemption 2

If you thought you’d explored all there is to explore in Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption 2, then you’re probably mistaken.

Credit: Rockstar

The title prides itself on its expansive world and the almost-limitless exploration available thanks to its giant map, but you can go even further than the developers intended thanks to a glitch that’s been discovered.

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A YouTube channel by the name of ZacCoxTV discovered a way you can actually get yourself to Mexico thanks to an outside-of-the-map glitch.

Credit: Rockstar

Posting a video of the successful attempt to get to Mexico, ZacCoxTV fans have gotten to speculating that there might be a reason why the glitch is possible…

One user commented: “This is definitely going to be DLC there is no reason to have it here besides this.”
Another speculated the same, writing: “Maybe Mexico is supposed to be a part of a future update/DLC. Rockstar just did a bad job on blocking it off until then 😂”

Credit: Rockstar

Although it doesn’t seem like Rockstar would leave a giant half-finished clue like this in a game that really excels when it comes to its level of detail, it definitely is a head-scratching discovery.

Mexico isn’t the only ‘secret map’ that’s been discovered in the game, as you can also find yourself in Guarma if you play your cards right. Again, you can watch ZacCoxTV’s video to find out how.


Credit: Rockstar

What do you think about these ‘secret maps’? Is Mexico going to be DLC for the future of Red Dead Redemption 2, or is this something else entirely?