Here’s how gamers are trolling Pokemon Go gyms with Magikarps


Magikarp is one of the most ignored Pokemon in Pokemon Go. The water-type Pokemon can almost do nothing when it’s on dry ground. Magikarp is referred to as a famous meme in the gaming community since a long time and the things haven’t changed in Pokemon Go too.

The players are actually now trolling by leaving their Magikarps at gyms all over. You might have noticed Magikarp sitting on top of various Pokemon Go gyms already and this phenomenon is termed as ‘Karping’. The term which refers to the action of the players leaving their Magikarp after conquering a gym has been coined by Todd Anderson.


Now, the social media is also going crazy over the ‘Karping’ incidents. Several Pokemon Go players have made posts in Twitter and other social media over ‘Karping.’

Here are some of the hilarious reactions about ‘Karping’ by some Pokemon Go users on Twitter:

Don’t underestimate this fish though, it can in fact evolve into the mighty Gyrodos if you’re patient enough.