Here’s how long it actually takes to beat Horizon: Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn was always expected to be a big game and it seems like the game has been able to live up to the expectations size wise. As the game is nearing its release date, the media coverage has increased and therefore, making it easier for us to confirm that the game is enormous.

If we are to take up an average, the open world action games of recent time sizes between 25 to 40 hours. This includes one main story and some side missions go along with it. According to the reports, Horizon Zero Dawn comes easily under this category and has a lot more to offer even after you beat the main story.

Image: Sony

Twinfinite‘s Chris Jecks took almost 30 hours to beat the game but he added that it will easily take 50 hours for anyone who plays 100% of the game. On the other hand Jeff Gerstmann of Giant Bomb also took the same amount of time as Chris Jecks. Others have taken more, almost 60 hours to complete around 90% of the game.

This concludes that if you’re looking for an average playthrough, it’ll take around 30 hours, but if you’re looking to thoroughly enjoy the game, it’ll take you between 60-80 hours depending on the pace you play the game.

Image: Sony

This means that Horizon Zero Dawn is a massive game and you can easily go for it in case you are interested in fighting robot dinosaurs.