Modern Warfare Remastered has made fun of the worst glitch in the original game

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The Call of Duty series has been a blockbuster over the years. However, the games in the series weren’t glitch-free, as is the case with any big-budget shooter or videogame, for that matter.

The first Modern Warfare game also had numerous glitches, some of which even allowed the players to fully escape multiplayer maps and fall into some mirror universes.

Now, the developers of the remastered version of the game has come up with a hilarious yet genius way to pay tribute to one such glitch that was present in the original game.

This glitch was notorious for being a game-breaking one and had managed to achieve almost a cult-status with no solution in sight, and the remastered version has actually paid a tribute to it in the most epic fashion imaginable.

The ‘caution sign’ of wet rooftop has been placed intentionally by the devs to remind the player that they could go to some other freaking universe. It was discovered by Reddit user DaJeroen.

Image: YouTube

Image: YouTube

The newly relaunched Modern Warfare Remastered has some cheats which could be used to explode fruits and to replace each and every enemy with Victor Zakaev.

Players are hard at work to find similar easter eggs placed by the development team paying homage to earlier issues or events in the original game.