Here’s how playing on Wi-Fi hurts while gaming online

Playing a game online is a surprisingly low bandwidth activity, however it requires a constant connection and low latency for maximum in game performance. The benefits of directly plugging in your ethernet connection to your gaming system have been frequently extolled, for reasons including enhanced security and the avoidance of wireless interference.

But let’s face it, sometimes it’s just a huge inconvenience to run a wire to your gaming system. It is quite tempting to just connect your machine to 802.11 Wi-Fi and hop on for a quick death match, but for those gamers looking for the utmost reliability, direct ethernet is the only way to go.

The folks at PC gamer did a definitive test and determined how much better wired ethernet really is compared to Wi-Fi.

For the test they used:

    • Lenovo S400 notebook, with a Core i3-3217u processor, and HD4000 graphics.
    • Asus AC1900P router
    • Edimax AC1200 Wireless Adapter
    • 3 foot CAT5E ethernet cable
    • D-Link DHP P701AV Powerline kit

and they played Medal of Honor: Pacific Theater at 720P.

Here were there results.

In short, the conclusion demonstrates that wired ethernet is significantly superior to a wireless connection for gaming.