Here’s how this PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds player won a game without killing anyone

Typically, there are two ways you can play an online match in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Either come out aggressive, agile and always on the move. Or you can get to a point close towards the center of the circle; camping as you wait for everyone to kill each other. Or you can do a hybrid of the two.

This one PlayUnknown’s Battlegrounds player took approach #2 to the great lengths in order to win. Twitch streamer, Kurtjmac recently played a match of Duos with a friend and was able to make it to the final circle, and eventually win the entire match without having to harm an opponent.

Image: Twitch

The duo’s original plan was to avoid action and to not draw attention. Despite being spotted and shot at numerous times, the pair managed to escape either by driving away or by camouflaging in tall grass.

Image: Steam

The end of the video is definitely worth watching; with the player count below ten, things got a bit chaotic. However, despite the pair having minimal health, in the end, they came out victorious without having to get their hands dirty.

You can check out the entire match herePlayUnknown’s Battlegrounds is available on PC.