Here’s How To Bypass 3 Steps Glitch For Finding Nearby Pokemon

The players of Pokemon Go have been irritated by the glitch which makes Pokemon show up three steps away, despite being very close to them in the world map. The glitch hasn’t been fixed yet by the developer of the game, Niantic, which has frustrated the players even further. Until the issue is fixed by the developers, players can use this simple trick to stay away from the glitch.


All you’ll need to do is close the Pokemon Go app when the three step glitch occurs and restart it when you feel like you are in the vicinity of the Pokemon. The diagram below will help you find each of the Pokemon’s location that is shown up as nearby on the world map.


Here are the steps which explains the diagram:

1. Select a Pokemon target

2. Keep track of the number of paw prints

3. Start walking

– When the number of paw prints goes up, make an about turn of 180 degrees until the amount of paw prints goes back down.

– When the number of paw prints goes down, make sure to note the location and keep moving. (Point A in the diagram.)

– After the number decreases, the next time the paw prints goes up note the location (Point B in the diagram.)

4. Move to the halfway mark between the Point A and Point B, turn 90 degrees and start walking again. If the paw prints increase again, then turn 180 degrees and you should walk right into it.

When you force the Pokemon Go app to close and then reopen it again, the data received for every Pokemon is refreshed. This also updates the paw prints data on the next boot.

Although this work around is handy, we hope Niantic will fix this issue permanently, very soon. They are currently busy addressing the server issues the game is currently facing since the previous update.



On the other hand, a Redditor called Drpin has figured out the actual cause behind this 3-step glitch. In his Reddit page he wrote:

For fun I ran the app through Charles Proxy to analyse their API calls. Turns out the 3 step bug and the blank map are caused by the same issue. Whatever API key Niantic included in the last release isn’t valid.

When the app makes a call to google to either display the map or to do a reverse geo-lookup on your location the Google Maps API returns the following: “The Google Maps API server rejected your request. This API project is not authorized to use this API. Please ensure that this API is activated in the APIs Console:”

Guess somebody messed up…

Pokemon Go is now available in 27 countries including Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada and most of the European countries.