Here’s how to cheat at Pokémon Go and catch any Pokémon you want without leaving your home

Pokemon Go has been a great revelation and is one of the most successful mobile games to ever hit the market. The game now has more than 40 million active users with all of them searching for Pokemon throughout the world. Although Pokemon Go is a very good game, there have been a few instances where players were able to break the game and use cheats to level up faster. Some online Pokecoins generators are also coming up which promises unlimited Pokecoins to users (you risk getting banned).

We have already seen players use different types of cheats up to this point. Some of those cheats have worked well, while others failed miserably, and even earned bans for players.

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Now, The Daily Dot’s Mike Wehner has come up with another new cheat which will allow you to catch any Pokemon you want without even leaving your couch. This cheat will only work for Android devices and is bound to ruin your experience. Make sure you turn away if you are enjoying the game as this cheat takes away all the fun out of this game.



Disclaimer: We’re not responsible for you getting banned or your device getting damaged as a result of using this guide. Read and follow at your own discretion.

Here’s the Cheat Method

Use Pokevision to find a Pokemon of your choice.


Get the coordinates of the Pokemon from Pokevision.


Get a FakeLocation app and insert the GPS location of your choice.


Log in to your Pokemon Go app once again by restarting it and BAM! You’ll be right there near the Pokemon.


Catch the Pokemon.


We are detailing the entire method in a step by step guide. Be warned though, don’t do it unless you’re sure to know you’re familiar with all this.

Pulling off The Cheat

Using mock locations was easy when the game first launched, but now Niantic has become smarter. They have implemented various techniques which prevents players from setting up mock locations. However, a work around for this issue has also been discovered so that the above mentioned cheat can be used smoothly.

To pull off the above cheat smoothly you’ll need to complete the following steps:

1. Root your device

The first step in this process is rooting your device. You do this by using various unofficial apps and tutorials that are available.

Here are some methods to root your device:

Here’s the XDA Developers tutorial, which will help you figure out which method is the best for your device.

2. Install Xposed Framework


Installing the Xposed Framework will let you to install the FakeLocation app, which will allow you to spoof the GPS of your phone. Make sure your phone is rooted currently in order to install the FakeLocation app.

3. Install The FakeLocation app


After successfully installing the Xposed framework, open the Xposed installer and move over to the download section. Then search for ‘FakeLocation’ there and swipe to the ‘Version’ tab. Make sure you download the latest version of the program. After downloading ‘FakeLocation,’ open the Xposed installer again and go to the ‘Modules’ section and activate the module.

4. Set up the FakeLocation app



After your phone has restarted, you will find the FakeLocation app installed. Open the app and select the Settings option which is at the top of the screen. After tapping on the Settings icon, toggle the option ‘System Apps’ on and then exit and refresh the apps list. Remember, you don’t need to change the GPS date in the Pokemon Go app. You only need to alter the GPS setting for Google Play services.


Once you are successful in changing the GPS settings in the Google Play, exit the app. Open the Pokemon Go app now and find the Pokemon of your choice right from your home without ever needing to go out.