Here’s How To Deal With Pokemon Go’s Annoying Freezing Pokeball Glitch

Pokemon Go players around the world have been catching all sorts of Pokemon lately, and in great quantity. People have gone wild for it, using all sorts of methods to “catch ‘em all” (with all the consequences those entail).

Although the typical method of Pokemon capture – weakening it through battle, then catching – has been swapped for simply throwing Pokeballs at the Pokemon till it works, it’s a strangely addictive process. Similarly, the nearby function used to find Pokemon is a strangely maddening one.



Now, Pokemon Go isn’t without its launch glitches, and one of the most annoying ones is the freezing Pokeball glitch. What happens is that when capturing a Pokemon, sometimes the Pokeball drops to the ground, and nothing happens. No wiggling, no statements, nothing. The game freezes and stays there.

This is particularly annoying if it happens on Pokemon you’ve spent the last half hour searching for. You’re overcome with the fear of having not caught it, and the aggravation that you’ve got to through the hassle all over again. It’s pretty frustrating.

Fear not, however, for if this happens (or has happened) to you, there’s a simple solution for it.



When this happens, wait a little while before restarting the game to make sure it isn’t just lagging. I usually wait until the little Pokeball loading symbol in the top left corner stops moving (but that’s just me). Then, restart the game, and check your journal and Pokemon list.

If you successfully caught the Pokemon, it will appear where it should be. If you didn’t, and journal doesn’t mention it, then wait a few seconds and it should appear nearby, ready for you try your hand again.


So there you have it. An annoyance, sure, but nothing game breaking thankfully. Maybe with more updates, this glitch occur less often. Now at least, you have the tools available to deal with it should it happen. Happy Pokemon hunting!