Here’s how to trick Dogmeat into giving you bonus stats in Fallout 4

What secrets have you found whilst wandering the wasteland? The recipe for Nuka Cola? The secret of the Institute?

Want to be the very best, like no one ever was? Look no more, because this game changing secret is as close to home as it gets.

Just head to your house in Sanctuary with your faithful companion, Dogmeat. Under the scattered furniture near Shaun’s bed you will find the most helpful book in the game, You’re Special. This would be a good place to save the game, just in case something goes wrong.

This incredibly helpful book grants the reader a life changing +1 to any stat of your choice. Simply pick up the book, collect whatever stat changing boost that you want, then drop it back on the ground.

Commanding Dogmeat to pick the book back up but grabbing it just before your companion can complete the request will cause the game to duplicate the book, causing Dogmeat to give you the book yet again, allowing you to increase another stat.


Now the timing here is quite precise. You want to wait until Dogmeat leans towards the book. Make sure that you can see the book and your companion and be ready to fail a few attempts before you get it right.

Now that you’re the most powerful wanderer in the land, what will you do? Terrorize the locals or use your power for good? One thing is for sure, Radroaches are the least of my problems from now on.