Here’s how you can request new Pokestops and Gyms in Pokemon Go


Pokémon Go is being played all over the world by children, adults, and even the elderly; If they can, that is. Sometimes, they can’t, due to lack of Poké Stops and Gyms in their area.

Well, thankfully, Niantic has a solution. You can now request the developer to add in new stops and gyms.


The process is simple, and anyone can do it. You’ll need a valid reason for requesting them though, like having no Poké Stops and Gyms nearby you. More singular locations can be requested too, but that’s mostly reserved for businesses.


This is sure to help a ton of people get more out of the game they waited so patiently for, and yet felt let down by. Many people are complaining about the lack of content in their area, and hopefully this can help solve that issue. Hopefully it’ll help keep players out of places they shouldn’t be, too.