Here’s what Pokemon Go Level 40 rewards look like

While the world grinds out to reach the max level (level 40) in Pokemon Go, a gamer has already reached the milestone, although his means of doing so were far from fair.

A redditor adequately named “problem” has reached level 40 in Pokemon Go by using bots, and we finally know what the rewards look like when you reach the highest level in the game. However, the guy was clear he never battled in gyms nor did he do it to exploit the game, but just to find out how far he can go using exploits.


Pokemon Go requires a staggering 20 million XP to reach the ultimate level, and the walk from level 39 to level 40 is 5 million XP in itself. Even using bots, the user admitted it was difficult crossing that bridge.

The user has promised he’ll hand over his account to Niantic and get it deleted, and also refused to divulge details about the software he used to exploit the game. It’s kind of honorable of him, considering the circumstances.


Many users suspected that level 40 rewards would include a master ball, but this has now been proven to be false as no master ball was rewarded as part of the level 40 reward package. Still, it’s a pretty neat haul. Take a look on the next page to see what the loot includes.

Pokemon Go Level 40 Rewards

level 40 rewards list

pokemon go level 40


Here is what his Pokemon looked like after he leveled them up as well.

pokemon go1

Several trainers are in the race to reach level 40 in the game using legit means, and it’s unfortunate that a person using exploits has beaten them to it. However, it’s cool to find out what exactly happens once you reach the highest (as of now) level in Pokemon Go.