Here’s what happened when a GTA V player tried flying a plan with 100 people standing on top

All clear for take-off…

We’ve looked at some pretty crazy stunts in GTA 5 in the past, including using 100 people to try and stop the train, or using a tree, or any other number of crazy things. Dropping a ton of people into the helicopter blades was pretty messed up, but want to see what happens when you try to fly the plane with over 100 civilians standing on top of it? (The answer is yes, of course.)

If you’ve ever seen how crowded some of the commuter trains are in India, this is a similar idea… except on an airplane.



So, what does happen when you put 100 folks on top of a plane and try to take off? Does it fly? Can they maintain their footing and not fall off?

We’re here to answer the important questions. 

So, that’s what happens. The thumbnail probably gives it away a bit, but were you expecting it to work or nah? It takes off and cruises, but as soon as he starts to dip the wings, people go flying to their deaths… Unless Batman can save them.

Another one from the crazy mind of RZED. What do you think he should try next?