Here’s what Overwatch’s competitive mode is going to be like

It’s likely not long now until Overwatch’s ranked mode launches, with it being slated to release at some point this summer. It’s apparently going to be very different from the beta, with Game Director Jeff Kaplan telling us about the numerous changes in a YouTube video.



Some of the more important changes include the following:

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  • Changes to the season length, which will now be closer to three months a season.
  • Tiers are being cast aside in favor of “MMR”, or MatchMaking Rating.
  • Players will be rated in terms of skill on a 1-100 scale, which will be shown relative to other players once you complete your placement matches.
  • It’ll be easier to tell if people have come into the match partied up – so you’ll know whether to expect a harder fight or not.
  • The most successful players will be rewarded with sprays and player icons, and more awesome looking weapons via the new golden gun system.


Players will also be glad to know – Blizzard confirmed that if the new changes don’t turn out as well as they should, ranked mode will be revisited before another season.

You can check out the full video below, where Kaplan goes into far more detail about the exciting new changes to Overwatch.