Hideo Kojima finally discusses split with Konami, shares shocking details

To date, we’ve heard bits and pieces of what happened between Kojima and Konami that led them to part ways so that Hideo could start his own studio and work independently from Konami.

We heard horror stories from third parties, like Konami locking Kojima in his own room on another floor from the rest of the team and not allowing him to talk to the people who are responsible for realizing his vision. It’s pretty insane.

Some people just aren’t suited for the restrictive corporate lifestyle, especially creative minds that need to be free, and literally being kept locked up in a room away from your team is anything but freedom.

“I intend to keep pushing the creative envelope until the day I die.” – Hideo Kojima

Now, we’ve got some information from Hideo Kojima himself about what really went down.

image: dualshockers.com

image: dualshockers.com

In a recent interview with the BBC, he talked about the advantages of having his own studio versus working for a massive empire such as Konami.

“I have more freedom now because the final decision comes down to me,” he told BBC. “This company is not listed on the stock exchange so we don’t need to worry about pleasing investors. We can just concentrate on making good games.”

At Konami, he could come up with an idea, but ultimately it was up to other people whether or not that’s the final direction that things would go. As time passed, it’s as if he felt Konami’s vice grip getting stronger, until things boiled over and they parted ways.

“The me that stands here now is the product of the past 53 years of my life,” Kojima explained:

“Everything I experienced over 53 years; movies I’ve seen, books I’ve read, music I’ve listened to, games I’ve played, people I’ve met and the 30 years spent in this industry, have formed who I am. Not one of these things has been without purpose, including my experience creating games at Konami.”

The above quote was from an interview he did with IGN. He finished by saying that he’s relying on the 53 years of experience on this planet to guide him, he doesn’t believe that they will lead him astray.

image: kojima productions

image: kojima productions

He doesn’t regret his time at Konami because it helped to catapult his career as one of the biggest creative forces in gaming, he’s a living legend and his next project is going to be completely his vision and execution. It could be the best Hideo Kojima we’ve seen to date.