High ranked Overwatch player cheats while streaming, gets permanently banned mid-stream

Image: www.technobuffalo.com

Overwatch has a zero tolerance policy for cheating violations in-game, and it again came to surface when Blizzard banned a high-ranked Overwatch player during a match mid-stream for using cheats.


The video below posted by KiD x, a Korean player who’s ranked among top-200 Overwatch players. The video shows how they were banned in the middle of a match for streaming with an aimbot. Aimbots are hacks used by players to assist in helping them aim in the game with more efficiency.

As it can be seen in the video, they were thrown back to the sign-in screen just three minutes into the game. They didn’t even hide the mechanical maneuvering of the bot, which is probably the reason for the quick ban. This was, of course, a permanent one ban.


Blizzard has harsh anti-cheating policies, which makes it very risky for the players to cheat in Overwatch. So, it is advisable for all the players of the game to never try to cheat.