Hillary Clinton Hates Video Games

If you’re like me, you hate discussing politics. With the upcoming American Presidential election this year, my social media newsfeed has been flooded with memes, articles, videos, and bias opinions on who the better candidate is. Frankly, I have my opinions and know who I’m voting for, so I usually skip past all of the nonsense that the Internet tries to feed me daily.

If you are a gamer, you should take a look at the video above, despite your political affiliation. We already have a negative stereotype following us around because people have a tendency to blame violence on video games, and people with this type of mentality does not help to improve our image. The good things that gamers do gets overshadowed by the negativity of those that believe every game should be filled with cotton candy and unicorns pooping rainbows, as opposed to mutilating things and stealing from hookers. I’m sorry, but I’d rather kill zombies any day instead of playing Hello Kitty Roller Rescue.

imag evia videogameviolenceinyouth.blogspot.com

imag evia videogameviolenceinyouth.blogspot.com

They’re video games, not self-help slideshows. Games don’t encourage violence unless you allow it dictate your life.

Check out the video to see what Hillary Clinton has to say about video games, and let us know what you think about it in the comments section of our YouTube channel.