Horrible Pokemon Go Glitch is turning captured Pokemon into different ones

Even though the popularity of Pokemon Go has sky-rocketed since its initial launch nearly a month ago, there have been notable issues with Niantic’s app. These mainly technical issues have dampened the appeal of the game since its release, as they often hinder the performance of the player.

Recently, there have been a number of different reports stating that players have successfully caught a Pokemon only for it to appear as something completely different afterwards. So, you catch a Pikachu and it turns into a Weedle – that must be annoying right?

A group on reddit The Silph Road has notably reported this glitch as confirmed with over 300 comments on the post so far. The post, created by the user PatrickSeeStar, has provoked a debate about glitches in the game in general, and how this current one affects player development. One other user reported that he caught an Abra for it to turn into a Magikarp.

Source: www.forbes.com

Source: www.forbes.com

With the reported issues of the game reaching considerable amounts, there is still a certain lack of patching from the developers. Although it must be difficult to manage a game on servers that are demanding, Niantic will undoubtedly have to plan for the future in regards to the removal of glitches and other technical issues.

Source: www.pcadvisor.co.uk

Niantic recently shut down many Pokemon tracking third-party apps in an attempt to improve the playing grounds, but the complete lack of a tracking system in-game has provoked strong reactions from the community.