Horses in Battlefield 1 Defy The Laws of Nature With Their Athleticism and Killing Ability

There is nothing like the feeling of riding into battle on your trusty steed,  Mauser in hand. In the recently released Battlefield 1 beta, the cavalry horse is one of the most resilient and deadliest objects in the game. As you can see here, they can take a few bullets and be just fine, but getting trampled by a horse is instant death.

Battlefield Horse Kill

If you put a horse in a 1v1 against a Rolls Royce Armored car, the horse gets the win. Hardened steel and gasoline is not match for these hellbeasts of blood and sinew.

Battlefield 1 Horse vs Armored Car

The horse’s in the game also appear to defy the laws of physics, it looks like this horse jumped nearly 25 feet in the air.

Battlefield 1 Horse Jump

Compared with some of the non-organic vehicles in the game The Zeppelin, Battleships, Biplanes, Renault FT17, A7V Tanks, Mark V Tanks, Armored Trains, Motorcycles, and Armored cars; the horse holds up just fine.