How a Overwatch player reached “Max” Level after playing non-stop for 6 months

Finally, someone has reached the maximum level in Overwatch all alone. Prior to this, a Chinese shared account was able to reach this feat. The players who made optimum use of account sharing had to spend a lot of time in the game to level up in that single account.

According to PVP Live, a French player called TaZzeRK has reached the Levek 1800. This is actually the highest level for which Blizzard has designed an image border for. TaZzeRK has been able to achieve this feat after playing the game for almost 16 to 17 hours a day for six months.



TaZzeRK actually managed to accomplish the final 100 in around 10 days as he reached Level 1700 on November 17. He has unlocked everything in the game apart from Sombra’s stuff as she’s new in the game.

He also revealed the staggering number of hours he’s put into the game. Here are his stats which explains it all.

TaZzeRK has shown his utmost dedication towards Overwatch and is currently way ahead of the second highest ranked person in the EU/US/KR regions.