How how you can win $5000 by finding the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go


Finding rare Pokemon has always been a challenging task in every Pokemon game throughout the years. With the players needing to physically travel to find Pokemon in Pokemon GO, the challenge has increased further.

The option of trading Pokemon with other players is also not yet available in the game, which makes finding rare Pokemon an incredible achievement. To reward this kind of incredible achievement, Ripley’s Believe it or Not has promised to reward the players who catch the best Pokemon with big prizes.



In order to be eligible for the contest, the players will need to travel to any Ripley’s location and find rare Pokemon somewhere around it. They will then have to click the image of the captured Pokemon and send the photo via social media, which will give them a chance to win a daily prize of $100 and a grand prize of $5000.

The grand prize will be given away to the player who catches the rarest Pokemon near their location at the end of the contest. If there is a tie, the one who caught the rarest Pokemon first will be the winner.

The rarity of the Pokemon in the contest will be based on the image shown below. The fan made image, however, hasn’t been officially confirmed yet. On the other hand, a lot of players are complaining about the rarity that the contest is basing on as the Pokemon which are very rare in some areas can be very common in other areas. This suggests that the ones who created the contest on behalf of Ripley’s have very little knowledge about Pokemon GO.


Another negative aspect of the contest is that no one can assure that rare Pokemon will appear at a Ripley’s location, which can result in a catcher of common Pokemon winning the contest. To add to this, there can also be a lot of Photoshopped entries in the contest as the contest is social media based. This could easily see someone undeserving win the contest over deserved ones.

The last of submission of entries in the contest is July 24 using social media sites.