Images For Rumoured New Batman Game ‘Court Of Owls’ Have Been Revealed

We’ve all been waiting for literal years for a new Batman game. But it looks like the future could be bright as there is a rumour that Warner Bros Montreal is working on a new Batman Court of Owls game.

You may be thinking: ‘hey, a rumour is just a rumour. It means nothing’. WELL, look at this rumored Batman Court of Owls artwork that just appeared and was then quickly deleted.

This rumored to be the artwork of Batman Court of Owls game comes from ArtStation, reports segmentnext. They were posted by an artist by the name of Eddie Mendoza.

This is where it gets even more interesting. According to him, it was all ‘for fun and nothing serious’ but Eddie has previously worked at Epic Games, Firaxis, EA DICE and more. PLUS he worked for Warner Bros in the past.

Here’s the images that were removed from his page…

Eddie Mendoza

Eddie Mendoza

Eddie Mendoza

The rumoured new Batman game is expected to be a sequel of Batman Arkham. How do we know? Well senior game designer at Warner Bros, Osama Dorias, said in the past that Warner Bros. Montréal is working on an open world DC game.

Featured image credit: Rocksteady Studios