Jealous Girlfriend Deletes Boyfriend’s Saved Game So He Kicks Her Out

This girlfriend was tired of her boyfriend constantly working on his career mode in 2K instead of giving her attention and working on their relationship.

Every day when he comes home, he would go right to the game, and she was feeling lonely and neglected, so she decdied to take matters into her own hands.

While he was away, she logged into his profile and deleted his career mode save file. By the sounds of it, he had some SERIOUS hours logged in there, and now it’s all gone, just like that. Obviously, the guy isn’t very happy about this.


“You better do a goddamn magic trick and get my career mode back on there.”

She goes on to plead her case that she wants to spend more time with him…

He tells her that unless she’s able to get his saved game back, that it’s over – he’s breaking up with her and kicking her out of their home.

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“Get my shit back or we’re done, you can pack your shit and go.”

On the one hand, video game addiction is a real problem that can be deadly, and this probabally isn’t the first time she’s brought up on her concerns.

On the other hand, he’s a grown-ass man and he can do what he wants with his free time. If that means playing a game instead of spending more time with his pretty girlfriend who is desperate for his attention, that’s his prerogative, and she has no right to destroy his property – even if it happens to be digital.