Jim Carrey Confirms His New Role Will Be A Video Game Movie

Hollywood veteran and king of comedy, Jim Carrey, has just announced that he’s signed up to play supervillain Dr. Robotnik in the upcoming live-action movie of Sonic The Hedgehog. 

Announcing the news at a panel at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour, Carrey will be joining the likes of Ben Schwartz who’s reportedly the voice of Sonic, as well as James Marsden. 

The movie is slated for a November 2019 release, and is apparently going to be a mixture of live-action and CGI. 

Sonic and his arch-nemesis Dr. Robotnik (or Dr. Eggman, if you’re in the US) have been taken on by lots of actors and voice actors in the past, meaning Schwartz and Carrey have some pretty big shoes to fill. From the wildly popular game series to the silver screen, have we already seen the best of Sonic?

Jim Carrey is widely recognised for his wacky characters though, and he’s probably most famous for his zany portrayals in The Grinch, The Mask and the Ace Ventura movies. 

Details on the upcoming Sonic The Hedgehog movie are pretty scarce for the moment and fans seem to have mixed reactions on the idea of taking Sonic to the big screen. 

As one of gaming’s most iconic characters, the team haven’t got an easy job on their hands… 

Personally we’re hoping for a Space Jam-style movie. With the technical advances of today we could see some excellent design choices for Sonic and his friends if this is the route the movie decides to take. 

What’s your opinion on a Sonic The Hedgehog movie – will it introduce a whole new era of fans to the Sonic franchise, or do we have yet another video-game-to-movie failure on the cards? 

Can you picture Jim Carrey taking on the world as Dr. Robotnik? Let us know your opinions!