Journalist Absolutely Demolishes Steam For These Reasons

Recently Rock, Paper, Shotgun writer, John Walker wrote an opinion piece regarding Valve. Walker explains the flaws that the company currently suffers from, and provides his own opinion on how to improve it.

image via IndieDB

Now there is no denying that some Valve fan can write a whole novel on everything wrong with Valve today, however, Walker pinpointed on one issue in particular, Valve’s online software distribution website, Steam. The biggest issue with Steam currently according to the journalist is the “chaotic interface,” meaning that the site will promote already popular games on a user account instead of recommended smaller games. Additionally, Walker explains how on average around 20 to 30 games a day are launched on Steam.

image via Indian Express

Later in the article, Walker explained how Steam Greenlight is ripe with abuse, as a number of bad games can more often than not outweigh the good games. It does not help the fact that there is no “visible curation” as the writer explained. Some of the games that come out on Steam don’t even launch, or they have non-responsive controls.

Towards the end of the article, Walker comes up with a solution to fix the Steam kerfuffle: humans. What do I mean by this? Well, what I mean is that they should open up a division, with 10 members, these employees would sit through and play the games that are launched on Steam every day moderating and determining which games are good to publish on the site, and which ones shouldn’t be allowed. This would allow Valve to have quality control as the developers on Greenlight have abused their power to no end.

Steam has the potential to straighten up and fly high! Let’s hope that Valve’s Steam Direct will be better than Greenlight.