Kid Gets Caught Cheating on His Virtual Girlfriend in MMO, Cries Hilariously

This little kid is slaying it on this game called Roblox. He’s got his own place, and it’s filled with ladies. Jealous yet?

His older brother catches him with multiple ‘women’ in his little virtual home, while his online girlfriend is away.

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This poor kid is completely mortified when his older brother starts reading his in-game text messages, and then another woman shows up and this kid drops a great excuse. If you’re ever caught red handed, remember this gem:

“My friend must have opened the door!!!”

image: instagram

image: instagram

This kid is a total player, he’s got his real life girlfriend and multiple virtual women coming and going at all hours.

“When someone leaves the door open guests come in your house, and just invade…”

Roblox is a surprisingly popular game with over 300,000 players, and one of their coolest features is cross-platform play. Whether you’re on PC, Xbox One, iOS, or Android, you can connect with all your friends in the game. Or, in this kid’s case, all of  your COUNTLESS MISTRESSES.



It may seem cruel, but his big brother is actually doing him a favor and looking out for him in a way that only a brother could. The kid is too young and naive to realize that all of these supposed women that are flocking to his home and flirting with him in this game are probabally 50 year old guys living in their “roommate’s” basement. Parents are always warned to keep an eye on their children’s online activity, this older brother is just taking an active role in protecting his family online.