Killzone: Shadow Fall tech slideshow reveals unannounced IP

When Killzone: Shadow Fall was announced along with PS4’s unveiling earlier this year, no one paid much heed to the slides that went with the presentation of the game which had a multitude of technical data.

The documents have emerged online and and along with a lot of technical jargon, there is a mention of a new IP which is currently in the works at Guerrilla Games. The slides that have been released can be found on the developers official website.

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Also, a tech demo was also made available. View it below.

Here are the bullet points that summarize the confirmation of Guerilla’s new IP.

We’re working on two titles

  • Unannounced new IP
  • Killzone: Shadow Fall

The new Killzone is PS4 launch title
Our aim for announcement event was to run on PS4 hardware

  • 1080p, solid 30FPS, no cheats

This talk is about the experiences we gained during the demo period