Kojima responds to Metal Gear Survive and he doesn’t have nice things to say

Image: www.zam.com

Hideo Kojima, the legendary creator of Metal Gear Solid series has finally spoken about Konami’s next Metal Gear game Metal Gear Survive. This will be first game of the series after the departure of Kojima from Konami.

IGN reported that when Kojima was asked if Survive was his idea, he said, “That’s nothing to do with me!” He even criticized the inclusion of the zombies in the upcoming Metal Gear game.

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Image: www.newyorker.com

Image: www.newyorker.com

“The Metal Gear games are about political fiction and espionage,” he said. “Where do zombies fit in with that?”

He also mentioned that the game would have been different, had he worked on it.

“If I had worked on that game, it would have mechs in it,” he said.

Image: www.smartworld.it

Image: www.smartworld.it

Metal Gear Survive is a multiplayer stealth game and was announced during Gamescom last month. The game is expected to release next year for Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4. The game continues after the events of Ground Zeroes and is set in the same universe as Metal Gear Solid V.

On the other hand, Kojima’s first project after leaving Konami, Death Stranding is currently in works for PlayStation 4 and PC. Last week at the Tokyo Game Show, Kojima shared some details about his upcoming game.