Leaked: Xbox One Slim Image, First details include 4K support, 2 TB HDD and more

It’s leak season boys and girls. E3 hasn’t even started yet and business is already booming for leak peddlers. We’ve covered a lot of big leaks already, including Titanfall 2′s single-player campaign trailer and Dead Rising 4 screenshots.

And now, we have possibly the biggest leak thanks to NeoGAF. Images of what appears to be a new Xbox One called Xbox One S (Short for Slim) have leaked online along with the first details about the console.

The console will ship with a massive 2 TB HDD, support 4K video, and will be 40% smaller than the current Xbox One. It’ll also come with a streamlined controller and vertical stand. It is unclear what the price of the console will be at this point.

Microsoft was rumored to debut a new slimmer version of Xbox One during its press conference and this fits the description of what was supposed to be announced. It’s also rumored to be building a more powerful version of the Xbox One codenamed Scorpio but it’s unlikely that the console would get a showing during E3.

Via, Cnet.com

Via, Cnet.com

The leaked image of the new slimmer Xbox One console features a white console which appears noticeably smaller than the current build. Microsoft might not be pleased with this leak but it’s out there for everyone to see now.