Leaks Show Off Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Battle Royal Map

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Battle Royale is the worst-kept secret in gaming, but Activision is still keeping quiet on the mode’s official announcement.

Despite higher-ups trying to keep a lid on leaks, the BR map has reportedly been revealed, and he’s a pretty massive boi. Activision has yet to confirm the existence of the BR mode, which is believed to be called Warzone, but we all know it’s coming thanks to heavy teases and leaks.

That being said, as always, take the rumours with a pinch of salt.

Credit: Activision

The current belief is that the BR map will support a mammoth 200 players at once, so it makes sense that the map will be as huge as possible. According to recent leaks, the map will be 9km², which is more than three times the size of Blackout’s.

Check out a CoD map comparison in the tweet below.

A few videos of players who’ve reportedly gotten into the map have also surfaced online, though Activision may soon be taking action against these if their previous copyright strikes are anything to go by.

So when will Warzone be released? Well, according to unnamed sources close to VideoGamesChronicle, the upcoming mode is “at least a few weeks away,” and is expected to be landing in early March.

The publication goes on to claim that the mode will release as a standalone game for free, offering the option for players to “upgrade” to the full Modern Warfare game. For those who already own MW, it’ll be available via the currently-greyed out section of the game menu.

Credit: Activision

It’s definitely an interesting way to do it, and just like CoD: Mobile, it’s likely to bring in a lot of new players.

An official announcement on the supposed Battle Royale news is expected this week, which is when the marketing for Warzone is expected to be made public. Until then, it’s all just a waiting game!

Article originally via GameByte.

Featured Image Credit: Activision