Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild pirated copies already out, major spoilers leaked

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild releases only on March 3 but there’s been an influx of leaked images, videos and spoilers over the last few days.

This is partly due to an error on Nintendo’s part which allowed users of their website to download Breath of Wild related assets directly from its servers. Although, this was quickly fixed, the files were public long enough for many people to download, and has since made its way to various places on the internet.

There are reports that some users also downloaded what are encrypted BOTW files directly from Nintendo during the same fiasco. These are basically playable versions of the game that contains a digital skeleton key which basically makes it a legit version of the game.

This means that anyone with access to those files, has access to the entire game, in a playable format.The leaks are getting more frequent as a result and almost every aspect of the game’s been (DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK AS IT CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS) leaked, including the final boss and ending cutscene.

Some users are already livestreaming the game on Youtube as well, although these streams are being quickly taken down by Nintendo.

To keep this short, in case you happen to be a Nintendo fan and to be more specific, a huge Legend of Zelda fan, now would be a good time to shut off visiting any Zelda related forums, website comment areas or lurk on the internet in general, unless you want the entire game to be spoiled for you.