List shows which Pokemon are the most difficult to catch in Pokemon Go

Playing Pokemon Go? Tired of the catching the same Pokemon? Well now there’s a handy chart that lists the most difficult Pokemon to catch so far. The hunt is on.

Gamers have already found interesting ways to expand their Pokedeck. From discovering a secret method that allows the catching of region free Pokemon from anywhere in the world to another player finding a way to get 50000 Pokecoins for free.

However, what a lot of Pokemon Go players want to know is: how can we catch the most rarest of Pokemon on the game?

Fortunately for them, user jordansw recently posted a chart on Reddit showing the most elusive creatures present¬†in the game. It shows rarity percentage, capture and flee rates along with each creature’s attack and defense points.

Source: Reddit via jordansw

It seems that Abra is one of the most – if not the most – tricky creature to capture. Abra has a flee rate of 99 meaning that 99 times out of 100, he will escape your Pokeballs. Not many creatures in the list come close to Abra in terms of fleeing percentage, making him one difficult creature to claim.



It seems that another Reddit user has also boarded the hype train of rarity in Pokemon Go too. Rotomguy has created his own rarity chart for Pokemon. Although this chart does not have a collection of stats, it is a handy way to see which Pokemon are rare and which are common.

Source: Reddit via Rotomguy


It is important to remember that rarity can’t really be confirmed globally and this chart might not be accurate for every part of the world. This is because rarity of Pokemon varies depending on where you live. However, it’s a pretty solid chart to take as a reference point nonetheless.