Little Girl Uses Sleeping Mom’s Fingerprints For Pokemon Shopping Spree

A 6 year old girl named Ashland tried to make Santa’s job a little easier this year, when she stole her sleeping mom’s cellphone to do some shopping for herself. It was the perfect crime, except she confessed immediately when her parents were worried their account had been hacked. Some people just aren’t cut out for a life of crime. She took the phone, and the plan was going perfectly…


However, she hit a bump in the road when she needed thumbprint verification. The clever kid waited for her mom to fall asleep, then carefully used her sleeping mom’s finger to unlock the phone so she could continue with her order.



After the phone was unlocked, Ashland Ketchum placed an order on Amazon for hundreds of dollars worth of Pokemon toys. The 13 items she ordered came to about $250, which worried her parents because their first thought was that their account had been hacked or that their credit card had been stolen, and while both of those things were basically true, at least it was an inside job.


Cnet is reporting that, for some reason, they were only allowed to return four of the items, leaving them stuck with the rest of the purchases. However her parents alerted Santa to let him know that there’s a last minute entry for his naughty list and that he might not need to bring quite as many presents to their home this year.

All of the major cellphone companies and marketplaces have come under fire for making it too easy for kids to rack up massive bills, especially when it comes to mobile games that are geared towards children. The problem is that if you make it harder for kids to order things, you’re also going to make it more inconvenient for everyone else to order things from their phones.