Mafia III has one amazing feature every open world game should include

Image: GameSpot

Mafia III was released this week and the game looks impressive visually. It has some glitches, which seems to be par for the course during the first week for most new releases, but is redeemed by a great feature that helps you to explore the sprawling city of New Bordeaux.

The game launched to a bit of a shaky start, because PC users were being locked to 30FPS, but this was soon addressed and a patch was released to fix the issue.

mafia iii

Mafia III is set way back in 1968 and it lacks GPS, due to the technology of the time. However, the navigation system in the game is so great that you would never feel the need for GPS in the first place. They’ve found a clever, yet obvious, way to replace the need for GPS. Mafia III is using a unique way to help players navigate the vast open world city.

There are street signs in Mafia III, which can be seen on the side of the road on when you are travelling from one place to another, and they will lead you to your destination. Like the good old days…


There are signs on every block which tell you to turn or keep straight. If you are not interested in following the signs, you can also use the minimap at the bottom of the screen, but the signs really add to the immersion.



The navigation system in Mafia III also encourages players to explore more, and uncovering more signs can become a bit addictive.

Mafia III is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The game also has an in-game statement about racism, as it features certain scenes that could be troubling to players. They wanted to go for authenticity to the tone and climate of the time, which unfortunately means having to explore some darker parts of history.

There are some great elements to the game, but overall reception and reviews have been mixed.