Major Destiny update might be bringing old raids back to the game

The director of Destiny’s new DLC Rise of Iron has not ruled out the inclusion of older raids such as Vault of Glass and is even “seriously considering” the return of such older fan favourites. Bungie aims to keep players of Destiny happy once year 3 rolls around.

The new DLC, Rise of Iron, will begin with a new raid titled Wrath of the Machine but that doesn’t mean that old players want to replay the raids that they first encountered when they started.

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Rise of Iron, which will be released later this month on the 20th of September, marks one of the biggest sources of content in recent memory for the multiplayer game. Bungie have noted that updating Destiny is about the balance between new and retouched older content.



In discussion recently, Christopher Barrett, the director of the Rise of Iron DLC commented on the future of raids, with regards to older content. Barrett stated that:

“It’s always consistently been in the top 10 list. Since the second raid came out: ‘Hey, we want to go back and play older raids.’ The simple answer is it’s a matter of priority. If we spend time bringing that stuff, that means less new stuff we can build. For this fall, in Rise of Iron, we wanted new stuff. New new new. Let’s give new places to go, new raid, stuff like that. But we certainly hear that fans would love to have a reason to go back to some of the old raids. So we’re absolutely considering it.”

The team behind Destiny are clearly switched on about overdoing fan service with the game. They seem pretty aware that the balance of old and new content is one that is difficult to establish sometimes. However, Vault of Glass is a raid that has been asked for by fans a good number of times ever since it was released in during year 2.



Simply speaking, old raids are something that would allow new players introduced to the game through the Rise of Iron DLC to become accustomed with the history and lore of the game.

The new DLC will launch on September 20 for PS4 and Xbox One.