Major Pokemon Go update brings location tracking system, allows you to change character name

Niantic has rolled out another major update for its smash hit mobile game Pokemon Go, and it has bought with it a bevy of fixes and changes to the game. These include the option of being able to change your character’s nickname once after initially choosing a name, as well as the introduction of a new location tracker that features grass as a visual cue.

Check out the full list of changes below –

  • Change Trainers nickname for one time.
  • Improved accuracy in curveball throw
  • Fixed extra XP bonus for “Nice,” “Great,” “Excellent” Poke Ball throws
  • Fixed medal icons
  • Re-enabled Battery Saver on iOS /iPhone
  • Select players would see new variation in “Nearby Pokemon” feature
  • Added dialog when playing in certain speed
  • Added graphics of Team Leaders
  • Fixes in texts

As you can see, the new location tracker is in the ‘testing’ phase, and only a handful of players have been selected to be allowed to use it. This might not the be the final version of location tracking mechanic that will be rolled out to everyone in the game as Niantic is just testing some variations in order to see how it works, along with the response it gets from the community.



This new tracker isn’t too comprehensive either as it just shows you which Pokemon are nearby without explicitly telling you which direction you should go. However, Pokemon appear a lot more often thanks to this tracker and you won’t merely be going on a wild goose chase anymore.

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The update also brings back the sorely missed battery saver option to the game as Niantic claims to have fixed the issues that forced it from being removed from the game temporarily. It’s only available for iOS players currently, and there’s no word of when Android players will be getting it back.

All in all, it’s good to see the developers working around the clock to make the game better and the introduction of a new location tracker, even though it’s being done as a test, is a welcome move.